Beeswax Candle Fluted Sphere

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A decorative fluted sphere beeswax candle with an organic non-symetrical shape in natural or pearl colour.

As the fluted sphere burns, the edges will melt slower creating beautiful shadows. Watch the soft sunlight-like glow of beeswax candle burn while the shadows dance around it.

Handmade by Honey Candles® in Canada.

Approximate Diameter 70mm x Height 76mm (2.75 inch x 3 inch).

100% pure beeswax candles. Eco-friendly and good for your health, with no carcinogens or hazardous ingredients, wicks made with cotton, and all natural ingredients.

Care Instructions
Never leave your candles unattended. Trim the wick shorter to maintain a smaller flame and prevent the melt-pool from going over the edge of the candle. 15 - 17 hours burn time for each candle.