Dish Brush Replacement Head

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A dish brush replacement head.

This replacement head is made with all biodegradable natural materials and is a sustainable alternative to plastic cleaning brushes for the kitchen. To replace the head, pinch the wires together under the head to displace the circular piece down close to the handle. Replace the head and slide the circular piece back to the original position to fasten the head. The wires may be too stiff to bend the first time, we recommend carefully using a pair of pliers to help bend it. Replace the brush head every 1 - 3 months.

Made in China.

Diameter 70mm (2.75 inch).

Uncoated Beech wood and sisal bristles.

Care Instructions
Hang to dry in between uses or keep the head elevated to allow the water to drain out of the bristle. Never leave the brush submerged in water to prevent the bristles from falling out and wood cracking. Do not rest your brush on top of your solid dish soap between dish washing sessions to prevent bristles from absorbing the moisture from the soap and causing the wood to crack.