Holiday Bubble Tea Gift Set - Clear

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This bubble tea to-go or enjoy-at-home set comes with a transparent glass-like copolyester water bottle and a matching borosilicate glass straw, plus a perfectly sized straw cleaning brush. Also available in amber and smoke sets.

We love bubble tea but we don't love how much plastic waste that comes with it. We wanted a zero-waste option that, of course, is pretty as well. Perfect for the eco-conscious bubble tea and boba lover. When you're not using it for bubble tea, you can enjoy your favourite smoothies or some refreshing water. The transparency of the bottle helps you see how much you've already drank to stay on track with your hydration goals.

Packaged in a reusable 100% cotton drawstring bag for easy gift giving and carrying around.

Read our journal to learn "How to Make Bubble Tea at Home" yourself with a simple recipe.

Bottle Capacity 500ml, Height 200mm x Diameter 70mm (7.9 inch x 2.8 inch).

Item List for Materials and Care Instructions
Glass Bubble Tea Straw
Water bottle is dishwasher safe.

*This gift set is excluded from any discounts.