Holiday Starter Kitchen Gift Set - Charcoal & Grey

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This starter sustainable kitchen set comes with an eco-friendly activated charcoal solid dish soap, a reusable Swedish sponge cloth in grey and white and a soft bristle dish brush. Also available in the Natural & Sage set.

This kitchen set is a great way to start having more sustainable items for your household cleaning. Each item has multiple uses that aren't limited to just the kitchen. The solid dish soap can be used as a stain remover on your laundry, the sponge cloth can be used to wash the car, the dish brush can be used to scrub the bathroom sink, just to name a few.

Packaged in a reusable 100% cotton drawstring bag for easy gift giving.

Item List for Materials and Care Instructions
Activated Charcoal Solid Dish Soap
Grey and White Sponge Cloth
Soft Bristle Dish Brush (Air dry after use, do not leave dish brush in water which can cause the wood to swell and crack) 

*This gift set is excluded from any discounts.