Neutral picnic in the fall with bamboo sustainable outdoor dinnerware and bud vase with delicate flowers.

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It has always been a goal to expand our product line and grow our company. This past year during one of the most challenging years, we made that happen! We couldn’t be more excited, grateful and if we’re being honest, pretty darn exhausted but we just couldn’t ignore that drive to follow the dream. We expanded our apron line, curated home and lifestyle products and gained an extremely valuable new partner. We can’t wait to share more with you and hope you continue to follow us on this journey as we build our shop that celebrates aesthetics and intention!

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Reusable bubble tea boba glass straws in yellow and pink.

We're all about the colourful bubble tea glass straws or is it boba tea?

Whether you call it bubble tea or boba tea, we believe there's no better way to drink this delicious drink than with a fun colour reusable glass straw. Plus, you’ll always know if your straw is clean or not!  

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