Glass Straw Bubble Tea

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A reusable bubble (boba) tea glass straw in air, rose, sun, amber or stone.

Each straw comes with a cleaning brush and the straw has a slanted end tip for the ease of drinking tapioca and other toppings.

We love glass straws not only because they are beautiful and a sustainable alternative to plastic straws but also because they don't affect the taste of your drink and you can always see if they are clean or not. Nothing dirty hiding in our straws.

Designed in Canada, made in China.

Read our journal to learn "How to Make Bubble Tea at Home" yourself with a simple recipe.

Diameter 14mm x Length 230mm length (0.55 inch x 9 inch)

Borosilicate glass. BPA and toxin free.
Due to its handmade nature, some variations on the edges may appear but does not affect the usability of the straw.

Care Instructions
Clean with cleaning brush provided or in the dishwasher.
The slanted tip is not intended to pierce the lids of bubble (boba) tea cups. Borosilicate glass straws are made to be durable but should still be handled with care as they can break if used with force.