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photographer linen apron 

GATHER 33 is a shop that values simple designs, natural materials and quality handmade goods. With these core values in mind, the wedding professional's apron was born. The apron was designed by fine art wedding photographer, Heidi Lau. As a film photographer, she has the constant need to have something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to carry and organize her film and smaller film gear. Pockets were not always enough, sometimes non-existent and often bags were too big and hard to keep organized. She designed the apron with thoughtful details like three deep pockets, a loop hole and rounded pocket openings tailoring it towards the wedding photographer and wedding creative professionals. And in supporting the small business community, GATHER 33 is proud to have the aprons handcrafted locally in Toronto, Canada.  

GATHER 33 is about bringing things together from all people and places. Our hope is that our aprons will travel with you to carry your most prized possessions, bring some organization to what could be considered quiet chaos and be the humble backdrop for all the things that will shine in front of it.  


All photography by Heidi Lau