About Us

GATHER 33 started off as a line of signature aprons to provide a beautiful solution to film photographers, stylists, florists and other creative professionals. We wanted the apron to be a tool for organization and easy accessibility. Our signature apron represents the core value of GATHER 33 which is the balance between aesthetics and function.

GATHER 33 Linen half apron

As we expand our apron line to include home and lifestyle products, we keep our core values in mind at all times. Everything is created or handpicked with purpose and intention. Simply put, we ensure that our appreciation for the beauty of our curation is always coupled with their practicality and functionality. What we love for the shop is what we love for our own homes and daily lives. This is why we also consciously choose from simple and timeless designs, natural materials, handmade qualities and sustainability.  

Eunmi and Heidi of GATHER 33

We are Eunmi and Heidi, the force behind GATHER 33. While you will find Heidi photographing our products and searching for more ways to be kinder to our Earth, Eunmi is the friendly contact making sure your order goes smoothly and discovering the next must-have item in our shop. We are two friends who started out as colleagues in the wedding industry and then grew into an inseparable pair that cannot stop sending each other hilarious reels on Instagram, fuelling each other’s caffeine addiction, empathizing over the highs and lows of motherhood and constantly referencing each other’s enneagram types. A balanced duo of 1 and 6, want to take a guess who’s the 1 and who’s the 6? And if you don’t know what an enneagram is, send us an email and we would be happy to share!
Eunmi and Heidi