6 Peaceful Holiday Activities

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6 Peaceful Holiday Activities

With the holidays coming up soon, we can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of activities, errands and obligations. We understand there are some things we just can’t avoid but a way to balance that out is to schedule in some time for yourself to do things that help you decompress and make you feel joy (without the guilt). Here are 6 activities we feel great about doing over the holidays and can sometimes be overlooked because it’s not the typical thing you do over the holidays. Here at Gather 33, we’re all about finding that right balance and focusing on what makes you feel good. 

1. Clean the house and donate
We get that cleaning the house may not be the first activity that comes to mind when you think of the holidays but it’s actually the perfect time to do this. During this season, a lot of charities are looking for donations and those like new  boots you’ve never worn in the back of your closet or the pile of unopened toys from a previous birthday could really benefit someone in need. It will feel so wonderful to start the new year with less clutter or dare we say no clutter! Keep a weekend free from social activities, put on your favourite playlist and get in the spirit of giving while you gain back all this extra space in your home.

2. Volunteer at your local charity
While we’re in the mood of giving, spending some time volunteering at a local charity can really feel wonderful as well. When you’re surrounded by people in the spirit of helping and giving, all that positive energy can be very infectious. Especially during the holiday season, charities are extra busy and can always use an extra hand.

3. Book a cottage for a mini getaway
We don’t always think about going away during the holidays, it’s almost a faux-pas to leave and miss out on gatherings right? Well there’s nothing more peaceful than getting some quiet time in a cozy cottage by the lake. Added bonus if it snows and you get to feel like you’re in a real-life snow globe. Don’t forget to pack your favourite books, a deck of cards and a puzzle. Giving yourself a chance to disconnect, slow down and soak in your new surroundings.

4. Movie marathon
One of our faves, it doesn’t have to be holiday themed but it is fun to choose a series of movies that you can watch back to back. Plan all your sustenance ahead of time, pre-book your food delivery so you don’t have to think about it when you’re too hungry and relaxed to decide on what to eat, this way your food will “magically” appear and you’ll feel so smart you did it ahead of time. May we also suggest having a fun little buffet of snacks and drinks available with you all day. Get those blankets ready and get cozy while you catch up on all your favourite movies or ones that you’ve been meaning to watch all year but have been too busy to do it.

5. Spa at home
Ok, this one is also a favourite too. What can we say, we just love a good spa-at-home moment! This is also why we have spa gift sets every year, it is just too good to pass. We know it’s not always easy to squeeze in a quick bath, so setting aside time for a long bath ahead of time will really help you get the most out of it. We strongly feel that creating a spa-at-home is a necessity, allowing yourself to have time to yourself where you can quiet your mind and soak in your favourite spa scents does so much for your mental health. When you feel good yourself, your positive energy will spread to those around you so really this quiet spa time for yourself is good for everyone too! 

6. Decorate sugar cookies
When we think about decorating cookies, we may not think of it as a peaceful activity but, if you do this activity alone or without kids (sorry to be that honest, doesn’t mean we don’t love them though) it’s actually quite therapeutic. There’s something about carefully piping out the lines and flooding the cookie with icing sugar can be really relaxing. The added bonus of this activity is after you’ve been in the zone for a couple of hours, you’re going to have a really delicious and beautiful treat at the end. If you make them holiday themed, you can even make these as gifts to hand out to your loved ones. Who doesn’t love getting cookies during the holidays?

We hope these activities have sparked some peaceful ideas for you this holiday season. Let us know which one you might try or if there are ones that we haven’t listed that you love, share it with us in the comments!

Keep safe and warm,

xx Eunmi and Heidi (signature)

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