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With the holidays coming up soon, we can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of activities, errands and obligations. Here are 6 activities we feel great about doing over the holidays and can sometimes be overlooked because it’s not the typical thing you do over the holidays.

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We’re so excited to share what we have planned this year for the holidays, you can expect thoughtfully curated gift sets coming your way. Last year our bath sets were very popular and sold out quickly. We want to give you a friendly reminder that our newsletter subscribers get notified first when the holiday gift sets are launched.

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Expressing love for moms and mother figures in your life can be done with big and small gestures. We’re sharing a few simple ways to treat your moms on Mother’s Day this year!

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There’s nothing quite like a bond between a mother and her daughter. For this Mother’s Day we’re collaborating with portrait photographer Natalia Dolan on a special photography project that celebrates mothers and daughters that will also support ovarian cancer research. Plus a giveaway for moms with Natalia and make-up artist Rhia Amio to come!

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Bojagi is a Korean word for a wrapping cloth that's typically square shaped. It is an old Korean tradition where the cloth wrapping signifies blessing and good fortune. Since then has transformed to be used in everyday Korean life as a cloth to carry, cover or wrap things. Learn to Bojagi-wrap one of our Mother’s Day gifts, a ‘Soak in Love’ bath set, and send good fortune and love with your gift in style!

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