How to gift wrap - Bojagi Style

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How to gift wrap - Bojagi Style

Bojagi (보자기) is a Korean word meaning cloth for wrapping. It is an old Korean tradition where the cloth wrapping signifies blessing and good fortune.  Since then it has transformed its uses into everyday Korean life, as a cloth to carry and cover your food  or belongings and as a gift wrap, using various ways of tying and knotting. We think wrapping your gifts in a reusable material, especially fabric, is the best way to be both environmentally friendly and beautiful at the same time. 

With Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to share how to gift wrap using the organic cotton hand towel that’s part of our Soak in Love bath set to wrap the bath soak and the Korean exfoliating mitt.Giving that finishing touch with the complimentary ‘mama’ pin you’ll receive when you purchase our bath sets or our linen aprons. 

DIY Gif Wrapping - Bojagi Style. 6 steps to wrap Gather 33 Soak in Love set

How to gift wrap with our organic hand towel - Bojagi style
  1. With the bath soak jar in the centre, fold each end of the hand towel as close to the centre as possible. The traditional Bojagi fabric is a shape of a square, but we can get creative to make our rectangular hand towel work!
  2. Fold the Korean exfoliating mitt in half and gently wrap around the jar. Tip: you can tie a ribbon around the jar and the mitt to hold the mitt in place.
  3. Gently pick up the four corners ensuring any extra fabric from the fold stays on the inside. 
  4. Using an elastic band, tie just above top of the jar, tucking in and adjusting any extra fabric. 
  5. You should be able to see 4 corners above the elastic band that look like four bunny ears. Tuck in only the end through the elastic band, creating a loop with the rest of the bunny ear. Repeat with the other 2. 
  6. For the last piece, we’re going to add the ‘mama’ pin before tucking the end through. Tip: I usually pick the best side to be the front which is where I’d add the pin. You can always tuck in any extra fabric and play around with the size of the loop by changing the length of the fabric that gets tucked through the elastic band. 

Two hands holding Gather 33 Soak in love bathset with a 'mama' pin

That’s it! Did you think it was simple enough to try Bojagi style gift wrapping? We hope you’ll try this Bojagi style wrap and send your Soak in Love bath set with good fortune and love in style! Check out our reel this week on Instagram to see the wrapping in action! Tag us @shopgather33 if you try it yourself, we would love to see your Bojagi wrap!

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