Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day for us. Before I became a mom, I celebrated the day with my own mom, treating her with flowers and taking her out to her favourite restaurants. We celebrated friends who are mothers and our aunties and grandmas who are mother figures in our lives. 

Now that Heidi and I are moms ourselves, we love celebrating the day with our own kids. We love giving and receiving gifts (gift is both of our love languages!), as it makes us feel special to know that you have thought about us. I still remember the first time the kids brought home cards they made (mostly lines and dots) and paper flowers they folded. It truly was one of the best things a mom could receive. These gifts can be big (yes, we love being spoiled!) or small (we love receiving cards!), we really think that it's the thought behind the actions that counts the most. 

As we think of our moms and mother figures in our lives for Mother’s Day this year, we wanted to share a few thoughtful ways, big and small, to show moms that you care.

  1. Send a message or call to say that you appreciate and love them.
  2. Write a card to express your love in writing.
  3. Take her out to her favourite restaurant.
  4. Order or pick up a fresh floral bouquet for her - it could be a small bouquet from your local floral shop or a larger, designer arrangements from floral studios such as Blush & Bloom
  5. Moms are always busy - if not physically, then mentally! Help her to pause and take a moment to herself by letting her slow down and giving her space. We love our ‘Soak in Love’ bath sets for moms to soak in our all natural bath salts, scrub away the dead skin with the Korean exfoliating mitt, and look cute with a headband made with our organic hand towel. 
  6. Help her have fun!  Whether the happiness stems from gardening, cooking, or doing everyday things around the house, we love doing it in style! Our Signature linen half aprons and full aprons are comfortable and beautiful at the same time, they’re the perfect companion for moms who love to look good while having fun. 

A reminder that we’re celebrating Mother’s Day by giving you a complementary ‘mama’ pin (valued at $15) designed by Canadian lettering artist Love Lettering for every purchase of our Mother’s Day gifts

Happy Mother’s Day celebrations!

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