8 Ways to Treat Yourself

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8 Ways to Treat Yourself

February is here! It’s the shortest and the pinkest month of the year. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and if you’re like us, we’re unsure of how we feel about this ONE day of the year that’s set out to celebrate LOVE. We think celebrating love shouldn’t be limited to just one official day of the year, but it should be celebrated throughout the year. And as much as we love giving (it’s our love language!) to people we love, we think it’s crucial and essential to treat ourselves instead of piling up mountain-high expectations from someone else to treat you. It’s time to go Treat Yo’ Self!

Sure, there’s nothing cuter and more loving than receiving heart shaped crafts and V-day cards from kids - we love them so so much. Getting a nice sweet card from our partners - also a super loving gesture. We love receiving them and embracing them all with love! But how about yourself? Are you doing enough to show yourself some love? 

Treating yourself and doing things to fill your soul doesn’t necessarily need to always be big things. We believe there are so many simple ways to celebrate yourself that can be incorporated into your lifestyle. 

Here are 8 ways we love to treat ourselves and celebrate us:

  1. Long hot baths - I’m obsessed with taking baths. It’s something I don’t get to do too often, but when I do it, the candles are lit, water is hot and the window is cracked open to bring in some cold air to my face. Sprinkle some delicious smelling bath salts and soak in silence. It’s perfect. My fave soak is Tidal Dead Sea Salt 
  2. Delicious and beautiful desserts - Beautiful desserts elevate the experience to another level. Some of the local dessert places I love are Duo Patisserie & Cafe, Patisserie Fleur, and Hattendo.
  3. Make yourself a fresh cup of coffee or tea in a pretty cup  in the morning and drink it right away while it’s hot - do not get distracted with anything else but yourself and your hot drink. Nothing should get in between you and your cup.
  4. Fresh flowers - there’s nothing like waking up and seeing beautiful flowers to brighten up your day. It’s a nice treat to grab seasonal flowers at your local floral shops or even from a grocery store and enjoy arranging them in a pretty vase, or treating yourself really big by ordering a pre-made arrangement and getting it delivered. Prefer something that lasts longer? We have dried flowers from years back still looking beautiful in the vase, and they’re perfect during the winter months when fresh flowers are scarce. 
  5. Nice lounge sets or PJs - I used to wear old t-shirts I’ve collected over the years from conferences and events at home as loungewear and used them even as my PJs. That’s before I got a matching PJ set that was pretty, stretchy and comfortable. Now I have a few sets I rotate and it makes me feel like a million bucks. 
  6. Fresh popcorn, chunks of chocolate bars and mini marshmallows in a bowl - savoury and sweet all in one. Anyone else loving this combo?
  7. Prioritize your physical and mental health - it’s quite odd to put this under “treating ourselves” as this should be a natural thing. The reality is though, most of the days are filled with work and family obligations and we put ourselves last. Simple things like taking a quick walk outside, stretching and/or exercising helps us feel better and it forces us to stop from the daily obligations and focus on us. A few weeks back, we shared what we do to boost our mood during the winter months - check it out if you’ve missed it.
  8. Get yourself a gift - we get so busy finding perfect gifts for others that sometimes we really do forget about ourselves. Sometimes just getting a nice gift for yourself feels so great - we’re not necessarily talking about retail therapy gone wild. It could be a simple item like a travel mug or an organic hand towel to use everyday or a fun novel you’ve been wanting to read, or a subscription to a meditation app like headspace or calm, or a pair of earrings you’ve been eyeing for some time. It’s time to give ourselves permission to treat ourselves!

How do you celebrate yourself? Share with us your favourite ways to celebrate yourself, we’re always looking for new ways to treat ourselves!


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