Creating beauty in the mundane

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Creating beauty in the mundane

While occasional retail therapy can makes us happy temporarily, we realized in the last few years that we can get so much joy out of mundane activities when we add a splash of beauty. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we all have our own definition of what makes things around us more pleasant than others. For us, we feel exhilarated when we use pretty and practical things for our everyday tasks. A pretty glass tumbler for the multiple cups of water we are drinking throughout the day. A glass straw to complement the morning smoothie, and rotating them based on what colour we feel like using that day. How about those coffee cups! We love seeing our glass coffee cups filling up with coffee. It’s also a great moment to slow down, admire that cup of coffee in your hand before taking the first sip during the coffee break you deserve. 

Cast glass coffee cups on Fog appetizer plate
Fog appetizer plate
Tall glass tumbler
Coffee cup set Fog appetizer plate Glass soft drink tumbler
Glass tumbler Glass straw bubble tea - amber Glass straw bubble tea - sun


Cleaning may not be your favourite activity, but pretty and practical cleaning products can make it more enjoyable. We love using sponge cloths with neutral colours and soft patterns that complement our kitchen so well that it acts as an accent piece! The kitchen towels that get used daily could also be elevated with organic cotton towels in a neutral tone, so you feel well taken care of every time you dry those dishes or your hard working hands. 

Sponge cloth stripe evergreen extra-large Organic cotton hand towel - rust Organic cotton hand towel - mustard


We hope you enjoy creating beauty in the mundane and find the moment to appreciate our present life a little more. We are here to help you elevate your slow living.

xx Eunmi and Heidi (signature)

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