Dishwashing essentials for camping

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Dishwashing essentials for camping

There’s something about being outdoors in nature that helps us relax and slow down. Disconnecting from everyday life, keeping your daily life minimal and focusing on the people around you. Helps remind us that it’s ok to take a moment to quiet our minds.

Great camping always comes with exciting camping food and just as exciting dishes. We’ve picked out three dishwashing faves to keep the packing minimal, yet beautiful and functional!

Solid dish soap in cotton mesh bag, bowl filled with soapy water and sponge towel.

1. Solid Dish Soap

This perfect zero waste solid dish soap is safe for the ecosystem and helps reduce single-use plastic waste. This powerhouse cleaner cuts grease yet stays gentle on your hands! They dry very quickly outdoors and are so easy to pack and carry without worrying about leakage.

2. Mesh Produce Bags

There are so many reasons to love these mesh bags. Place the solid dish soap in this bag after doing dishes and hang on a clothing line to dry! The mesh helps the air flow through to keep it dry and ready for your next washing. They’re great for packing all the cleaning items, clothing essentials and even utensils and small camping tools.

Spongecloth in a bowl of soapy water, with solid dish soap and dishes drying on a spongecloth mat

3. Sponge Cloths 

We love these small but mighty sponge clothes for their versatility and easy usage. They’re perfect to be used as a dishwashing sponge at camping, they dry up quickly and take up minimal space for transport. When wet, they are soft yet powerful to clean all the food bits away. Use our XL Evergreen Stripe sponge cloth as a dish drying mat or to absorb large water spills in your tent, as they’re best known to soak up 15x its own weight in liquid! The best part? They come in so many beautiful designs and colours, you’ll be sure to find a beautiful one that fits your camping aesthetic in our shop - choose from solid sets, stripes and pretty patterns.


Hope our faves will travel with you to your next camping adventure to level up your cleaning essentials and keep things easy and effortless!

Cheers to beautiful camping trips!

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