Feel Good Activities

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Feel Good Activities

We all have days or even weeks when we feel emotionally and physically drained no matter how much sleep we get or work we put in to cross off the daily to-do list. Those tough days seem to feed off of each other and next thing we know, we feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes as one of the many coping mechanisms, we try to push ourselves to do more work, to accomplish more things, in hopes that this will bring us joy. Or we  keep going (on autopilot), waiting and wishing for the perfect time to suddenly appear so we can finally take a break. 

It shouldn’t be, but it seems like taking a break and adding fun into your daily routine is the hardest when you need it the most. Not to mention, the level of F-U-N you think you need and expect, in order to reset and recharge at this point, is beyond reach. As much as we would love a luxury vacation and travel the world to recharge, most of the time, all we  need is to take a baby step and start adding a small splash of fun and self-care. Then the next time you carve out time for yourself, it gets a bit easier. Here are our favourite (and simple!) ways to refill our emotional tank.

      1. Grab your phone and call/msg your bestie or your fave person. Be extra and meet up in person for coffee or drinks and spend quality time together.
      2. We love how we feel after a good night’s rest! Focusing on quality sleep can be hard when you have a lot on your mind. We try to prioritize sleep by going to bed a little bit earlier and even nap during the day on the weekends if possible.
      3. Read a fun novel and/or watch trashy reality shows - we may one day dedicate an entire blog post on this. The most important thing here is FUN - forget being productive for a bit.
      4. Go outside and get fresh air, even if it’s for a short period of time.
      5. Get your favourite dessert. Have it with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and drink it while it’s hot in  pretty drinkware like these.
      6. Cuddle with your kids, loved ones, or pets. And stay that way for a while.
      7. Slow down the next few days and lighten up your calendar by rescheduling non-urgent items. Then use that time for yourself. Find a quiet place to gather your thoughts, and if you’re like us and have a million thoughts going through your mind, try candle meditation to quiet your mind, our Giving Set can help you focus and create a calming environment.
      8. Practice self-compassion and kind self-talk.


    We also love reducing our mental load by pre-planning and creating lists to refer to. Bookmark this blog post so you can easily refer to it when you need some fresh ideas to reset, and share with your loved ones so they can recharge as well. We are always looking for more ideas to add to the list!! Share your favourite and simple ways to reset and recharge with us - let’s feel good together!

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