Local Businesses Guide - Brunch & Cafés Edition

Local Businesses Guide - Brunch & Cafés Edition

What is the holidays without food? To quote Julia Child “A party without cake is just a meeting” and we wholeheartedly believe that. I mean, Eunmi’s a former wedding cake designer, that should tell you how serious we take our food and cakes! For this guide, we want to share with you our favourite local restaurants for our favourite meal of the day - brunch! Plus our go-to cafés and bakeries because it’s no secret that we need caffeine in any and all forms...all the time! Speaking of which, you should make a fresh cup of tea now while you check out our fave spots in Markham and Richmond Hill.


Cafés & Bakeries

Let us know if you want to know what our fave items are from each place. We love talking about food almost as much as we love eating. Really, don’t get me started talking about cake if you’re not in the mood for cake!

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