Make your life easier with our reusable cotton bags

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Make your life easier with our reusable cotton bags

Spring is here in 12 days and we’re getting so excited to welcome the longer daylight and to say hello to the sun more often. If you’re like us, that excitement and hope for the new season comes along with an obligation to get organized, to make space in our lives for the lovely spring and summer season. These heavy winter parkas and boots can’t be put away fast enough. The thought of organizing and decluttering the entire house seems so daunting that we usually hold ourselves back from even starting. This year, we are harnessing all the kindness and compassion for ourselves to just show up and start by taking a small step! 

Our favourite first step is to gather things into their designated ‘home’ to keep them in one place in a visually appealing way. We love our reusable cotton bags to keep things organized and to neutralize some of the bright (and loud!) colours. To visually quiet down our surroundings. Although living in a home surrounded by only neutral colours sounds lovely, we are keeping our expectations realistic. Start off by keeping some key things in the house in order with our favourite organizational reusable bags. Meet our reusable bag family: cotton bulk bags, mesh produce bags, and mesh reusable ‘Tiny Companion’ bag

A hand holding cotton bulk bag

Bulk Bag Set

The natural cotton reusable bulk bags come in a set of 2 different sizes, a narrow and a wide one. They’re a great alternative to plastic produce bags when shopping for bulk items such as coffee beans, nuts and grains, and they’re so versatile in their uses even when you’re not using them for your bulk items. We love these for organizing things like pens, craft supplies, picnicware, and small toys. These can also be used to make your own nut based milks. How lovely is that!

Hand holding a cotton mesh reusable bag with green vegetables

Mesh Produce Bags

The natural cotton reusable mesh produce bags come in a set of 3. These mesh bags can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic produce bags for your grocery shopping. Cashiers can easily scan the items inside and the bags can go straight into your fridge at home to keep your fridge organized. When you’re not using them for your produce, these can be used to organize so many things around the house, including scrunchies and hair accessories, clothes and toiletries when you travel, diapers and kids toys. The mesh helps you always see what’s inside and allows for stretching to fit quite a large capacity that makes it so great for shopping, trips and for organizing around the house!

A hand holding a cotton mesh bag with clothes inside

Mesh Reusable ‘Tiny Companion’ Bag

We call this bag the Queen of versatility! The ‘Tiny Companion’ bag is a reusable and eco-friendly mesh bag that is your BFF for all your daily errands. Carry your produce, fresh flowers, clothes and accessories, knitting supplies for on-the-go, and the list goes on. It’s a perfect companion for your beach trip as well, as the mesh makes it so easy to shake out all the sand and leave the sand where it belongs after your day of fun!

We love it when practical items are beautiful and eco-friendly as well, and these reusable cotton bags are the perfect example of that. We hope these bags will create joy in your organizing process! Be sure to check out our reels on Instagram this week as we share our favourite ways of using these bags!

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