Photographer feature: Megan Kawahara Photography

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Photographer feature: Megan Kawahara Photography

Our signature linen half apron was designed for film photographers as a tool to organize film during a session. To keep what we need easily accessable so that we wouldn’t have to rummage through our camera bags and lose valuable time when trying to capture precious moments. Megan Kawahara Photography knows this first hand as a motherhood photographer that shoots film. There are so many fleeting moments when you photograph babies and young children. You need to be able to manage a lot of different things happening at the same time and trust that your equipment is there to help you succeed. This is what our linen half apron provides, a way to keep Megan organized and efficient so she can focus on her clients and create heirlooms for them.   

“My apron is one of my most loved and important tools that I use – it’s seriously my favorite accessory next to my camera.” - Megan Kawahara

In this feature of Megan, she shares about her photography business, her inspiration and how she uses her apron.

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Tell us about your photography business. 

I'm a motherhood photographer based in the Bay Area, California and I love to take the uniqueness of each family and turn it into heirloom art that they can cherish for years to come. I'm constantly inspired by my own children & journey in motherhood and love sharing my passion for motherhood and photography with my clients. 

How did you first come across our linen aprons? Do you have a favourite colour? 

Another photographer friend told me about your aprons and I've been hooked ever since! My favorite color is sand because it goes perfectly with my neutral color palette, and makes the perfect neutral reflector for my sessions! 

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How have you incorporated our linen apron into your business or workflow?  
I wear it at every single session and it's become an invaluable tool to my session workflow. The three pockets are perfect for holding all of my film, notes and other small accessories. I love that there are three pockets - I reserve one for my unexposed film and another for exposed film. In the middle I love to keep things like my number labels to number my film, or sometimes my light meter, cell phone, or a small rattle or toy to get the attention of the little ones I often photograph. 

Any additional tips that you would like our readers to know? 
If you shoot film, without a doubt, you need a linen apron. It has made my session workflow so much more organized and efficient! 

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How smart is using the sand apron as a reflector? We never thought of that before! Love seeing our aprons used in different ways. We appreciate Megan so much for taking the time to share about her business and valuable tips.

Be sure to check out Megan’s work through her Instagram @megankawaharaphotography and her website: If you’re in San Jose, connect with Megan for a session, you’ll be so happy you did.

xx Eunmi and Heidi (signature)
*All photography in this post was provided by Megan Kawahara Photography.
The first image of Megan was photographed by Kristin Dinsmore and processed/edited by Megan Kawahara Photography.

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