Time to get some cleaning done, the easy way!

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Time to get some cleaning done, the easy way!

Anyone love cleaning and organizing? For those that love it, is it the process that’s potentially therapeutic or is it the heavenly end result? For those that don't quite love it, is it because it’s too time consuming or because you can find millions of other things you need to do?

Growing up, my mom used to deep clean and declutter at every change in season. Even though she did throw a lot of my things away in the name of decluttering and always involved me and my brother in this deep cleaning process when all we wanted to do was play, I still remember that fresh crisp air flowing in through the freshly cleaned window screen and feeling recharged and ready to restart. As much as I’d love to follow my mom’s footsteps and love that feeling after the deep clean, I must admit that my life with 2 kids is mostly on a survival mode, between working, attending to their extracurricular activities and family obligations. It seems so hard to keep up with cleaning and organizing, but eventually I learned that the trick is to focus on a few things that really matter.

Drying ceramic bowl with organic hand towel

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Other than what I call my “nesting phase in September” where I feel this urge to flip the house upside down and go on a cleaning and organizing frenzie, most days of the year, simple maintenance is more than enough. Life seems to always get so busy somehow, and deep cleaning of the entire house on a regular basis to me is close to impossible these days. However, knowing and loving that amazing feeling after things have been cleaned, there are a few things I do regularly, especially in the kitchen, which is probably the most used space in our house. It’s also less daunting to keep up with a few simple cleaning every few days rather than waiting for everything to pile up and then waiting for that perfect day to do ALL your cleaning (I’ve learned that a perfect day to deep clean are non existent).

We’ve recently shared a reel on our Instagram showing you how easy it is to clean a dirty stove top using only 3 items - if you’ve missed it, check it out! I also wanted to share 3 of my favourite simple and quick cleaning tricks I love:


Top 3 simple tricks to keep your kitchen clean

Baking soda, vinegar and hot water is all you need to say goodbye to that yucky smell from your kitchen sink. I don’t even boil the water, I just run the hot water for a few minutes after. I love this simple trick, it’s so quick and easy.

Using baking soda to remove stains is something I’ve been doing for years. I use baking soda paste on my quartz counter and on cutting boards to remove some of that tough kimchi stains away, and just the other day I used it on our enamel cups. 

Stovetop Lemon Rosemary Potpourri is actually one of my favourite things to do after I clean the kitchen. The reward after the hard work. I do have a diffuser at home that I run regularly, but the scent from this classic stovetop air freshener is at another level. I love it throughout all four seasons, but to spice it up for the fall, I add some cinnamon sticks if I can find them in my pantry.


The best thing about these is that they’re easy, quick and you probably have most of these items in your pantry. These simple tricks can keep your kitchen sink drain clean, keep your counter, cups, and cutting boards free of stain and your kitchen and home smelling heavenly. 

Have you tried any of these tricks before? We’re always on a lookout for easy cleaning tricks and hacks! If you have any other tricks you’d like to share please tell us in the comment section below.

Bright neutral kitchen with sustainable dish brushes in a bowl and a large solid dish soap on the kitchen counter with lilacs in a vase behind them.

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With the holidays coming up, we hope these simple tricks help you take small steps toward your deep cleaning goals and getting ready for the holiday gatherings. Next week, we’ll share simple items that are versatile in their uses which also makes our lives a little bit easier. We love using beeswax wraps and sponge cloths that serve so many purposes, and we’re just so excited to share how we’ve been using them and grow that list with you! Stay tuned!

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