Tips Tuesday - A Simple Arrangement for all Seasons

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Tips Tuesday - A Simple Arrangement for all Seasons

While we just had our Thanksgiving weekend, we can’t help but feel the holiday season coming in fast. We wanted to show you a simple arrangement with dried florals and grasses that will add that special touch to any space for your upcoming celebrations. You can use it as a centrepiece at the dinner table, it can be an accent on the bathroom counter or put it beside your bed on your nightstand for that daily dose of pretty. The best part is it requires very little effort and you can make it way ahead of time because it will last forever. We love anything that is pretty, functional and easy!

White bud vase with cream coloured dried floral arrangement. Dried florals laying in front of the bud vase and a pair of cream coloured pruners beside the bud vase.

Materials needed:

Assorted dried florals and grasses, clippers or pruners and a bud vase. We kept with a neutral palette in shades of cream for this arrangement.

Assorted cream colour dried florals and grasses laid flat beside a pair of cream pruners and a white bud vase.

Step 1:

Start with a stem to ground your arrangement, we chose this stem of Italian ruscus that naturally leaned to one side. (If you prefer a minimalist look, this is also a good place to stop, with a visually interesting stem you don’t need more than one.)

White bud vase with one stem of white Italian ruscus leaning to the right.

Step 2:

Choose some stems to balance out the other side. We used varying heights of bunny tails to mimic the ruscus without matching it exactly.

White bud vase with cream coloured bunny tails and white Italian ruscus.

Step 3:

Add in some pieces to fill in the centre of the arrangement. We used these fluffy pampas grass at varying heights as well. This will create the overall shape of your arrangement.

White bud vase with cream coloured bunny tails, pampas grass and white Italian ruscus.

Step 4:

Add a few more stems to fill in the arrangement and make it look fuller. Follow the previous steps and use varying heights of dried grasses and flowers.

Close-up of assorted cream coloured dried florals in a white bud vase.

Step 5:

You’re done! It’s that easy. You can create multiple bud vase arrangements and put them together in the centre of your table or space them individually along the table. We love these bud vase arrangements because they create a beautiful visual impact with very little effort. The neutral palette also lends itself to different seasons so you can have them out for display all year round.

White bud vase arrangement of cream coloured dried florals and grasses.

You can also watch us in our latest reel on Instagram to see us create this arrangement. If you make one, be sure to tag us. We would love to see your arrangements!

xx Eunmi and Heidi (signature)


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