We are obsessed with beeswax candles

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We are obsessed with beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are one of the healthiest types of wax candles with several environmental and health related benefits compared to other types of candles. Here are some of the amazing benefits of beeswax and why we are so obsessed!

Beeswax candles

Burn cleaner. They are eco-friendly, with no chemical process involved and completely biodegradable. Due to the fact that they use non oil-based ingredients, they produce cleaner fumes with little smoke. They also drip less by nature with less overall soot! Always remember to trim your wick to a length of  ¼” to keep the soot down.

Burn longer100% beeswax candles can burn as much as three times longer than other types such as paraffin and soy candles.

Naturally purifies the air and eliminates odors in your home.

Creates a glowing light that’s naturally warmer than other candle flames, that has the same light spectrum as the sun. They provide a soothing glow that’s a perfect glow for meditation and creating a cozy, relaxing ambiance.


    In addition to so many health and environmental benefits compared to other candle waxes, they look so beautiful and elegant around the house!

    beeswax candles in pastel and natural
    Celebrating birthdays? These cute pastel and natural beeswax birthday candles are perfect for celebrating all ages and feel good using them knowing that it’s the cleanest choice. 

    Woman's hand in blush bathrobe lighting a tapered beeswax candle in the bathtub

    The taper candles are perfect for creating ambiance at home when they’re placed on your dinner table for special gatherings and on the mantle. They’re also a great companion for your quiet baths. We love to pair them with our classic white candle holders - so pretty!

    beeswax tube candle in a mini teacup candleholder

    The tube candles are shorter than taper candles, measuring at 6 inches tall, and also great for adding that special touch to your dinner table and celebrations. They’re the perfect size and height for our mini teacup candle holders - in ecru and white.

    Natural round beeswax pillar candles on a Fog Appetizer Plate

    The natural round pillar candles are great in the kitchen and the bathroom to create a warm and relaxing vibe. Many of our customers love using it in the kitchen for natural air purification and to clear the air of odors. Our versatile fog appetizer plate pairs well with the pillars and we love how they look together.

    Natural gala candle on a mini candle holder with match striker

    Last but not least, our pastel and natural beeswax gala candles make beautiful celebration pieces. They’re great for using around the house and for a moment of meditation as well. We shared some tips on using candles for meditation on our Giving Back and Supporting Mental Health blog - if you’ve missed it, we encourage you to check it out!

    Aren't they gorgeous? We love our beeswax candles for all the health and environmental benefits, why don’t you give them a try?. Comment below to let us know which candles you’d like to try the most!

    Happy burning!


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