Get baby smooth skin with our favourite Korean exfoliating mitt

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Get baby smooth skin with our favourite Korean exfoliating mitt

It’s Friday! We started the week off with the most relaxing bath. Taking a bath helps us get into the right mindset and be more productive. Now that we’ve made it to the end of the week, we want to reward ourselves with some extra “me time”. We definitely deserve it. We want to repeat the most relaxing bath but kick it up a notch with our favourite Korean exfoliating mitt. What’s that you ask? If you haven’t heard of it before, we're here to let you in on a little secret: it will give you the smoothest skin of your life! This Korean exfoliating mitt also known as the “Italy towel” is a staple in all Korean households. Just ask your Korean friends and they will probably entertain you with stories from their childhood about how their parents used to scrub them till they were red and raw with it. Koreans take their beauty regime very seriously, it’s why they all have amazing skin and never look a day over 20. However, we are not recommending you scrub to the level of an umma or appa (Korean for mom and dad). 

Flat lay of a coconut milk bar soap on a Korean exfoliating mitt with lavender bath salts beside them on a plate. On top is a small wooden coaster with a small white flower.

You can have baby smooth skin if you follow these easy steps:
    1. First wash your body with a natural soap like our Lunar bar soap.
    2. Then soak in a warm tub with soothing bath salts like our Tidal bath soak for a few mins until your skin softens. 
    3. Take the Korean exfoliating mitt and wet it with water, you will see the mitt shrink a bit. This is normal and helps give it the texture you want for exfoliating. 
    4. Now is where the magic happens, put the Korean exfoliating mitt on your hand and scrub your skin with pressure but not too much. You will start to see the dead skin roll off your skin. Keep scrubbing all over your body and focus on the dry and rough areas. 
    5. Once you’re satisfied and slightly horrified with the amount of dead skin you just scrubbed off. Rinse your skin off with water.
    6. Rinse the exfoliating mitt off with water as well and then stretch it back to its original size before hanging to dry. 
    7. Always follow your exfoliation with a gentle moisturizer.
    8. Now admire how smooth your skin feels, you won’t be able to stop touching it! 
    9. If you don’t have time for a bath or prefer to shower, instead of soaking in the tub, stand under a warm shower for a few minutes. Once your skin has softened, put a little bit of bath salts like our Celestial bath soak onto the Korean exfoliating mitt and scrub gently over your skin until the dead skin starts to roll off. Repeat this all over your body.  
    10. You can exfoliate 2 - 3 times a week, it’s recommended that you don’t exfoliate everyday even though you will be tempted to once you experience how smooth your skin feels. Also you should avoid using the Korean exfoliating mitt on your face and any areas of sensitive skin.

    Later tonight, we will share on our Instagram reels how we use the Korean exfoliating mitt in the shower. Give the Korean exfoliating mitt a try and let us know when it has changed your life. Your weekends and every day, will be even better when you feel amazing in your own skin, mentally and physically!

    xx Eunmi and Heidi (signature)

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