Get ready for alfresco dining

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Get ready for alfresco dining

We are celebrating the return of warm and sunny days by bringing our weekend gatherings outdoors. Here are some of our faves to level up your alfresco dining to create a perfect and effortless gathering for picnics, camping or patio dining.

Huskee coffee cup in coal, clear water bottle on picnic table in the woods

Our favourite on-the-go reusable coffee cup in 8 oz and 12 oz comes in charcoal  and natural. We love these lightweight cups that are designed to make it comfortable to hold hot and cold drinks. Keep yourself hydrated with the transparent glass-like water bottle which is a perfect zero-waste option that’s also beautiful to carry around. Lightweight and durable, these are so easy to pack and versatile without having to worry about breakage!

Alfresco dining, bamboo bowls, spoons, utensils and water bottle on picnic table in the woods

We love versatile pieces that are multifunctional and beautiful (have you noticed us repeating this yet?) and these bamboo dinnerware sets are a perfect example of that. The Alfresco appetizer plates, dinner plates, soup bowls and salad bowls are available in black or beige. They are stackable and lightweight for easy transport but heavy enough that they don’t blow away easily in the wind. 

Outdoor gatherings with children? These bamboo plate sets, bowl sets, and mug sets are durable enough for the little ones but stylish enough for the whole family. They’re coloured with only water-based, food-proof colour pigments and come in the shades, rye, fog and ocean, giving you the perfect splash of colour while keeping things neutral. We have previously shared our love for bamboo bowls in our Friday Faves - Bamboo bowls for indoor and outdoor meals, if you’ve missed it, be sure to check it out!

We are all about keeping things effortless and functional without sacrificing beauty. Our outdoor dining faves help keep packing and carrying simple, so you can focus your energy on enjoying your time with your loved ones outdoors. 

Happy gathering!

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