Photographer feature: Jennings King Photography

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Photographer feature: Jennings King Photography

Earlier this week, we had a film photographer share about how she uses our linen half apron for her film photography. Film photographers are who we initially designed our linen half apron for. However, we have found that over the years, the use of our aprons has evolved beyond film photographers, and became one of the best organizational tools for digital photographers and videographers as well. Today we have Jennings King Photography sharing about her photography business, how she initially bought our linen apron when she was revisiting film. Even though she no longer shoots film, our linen apron continues to be a valuable organization tool for her wedding photography business. 

Photographer holding a camera and wearing a holdfast strap with another camera and wearing a black linen apron.

Tell us about your photography business.
I have been in business a little over 10 years shooting weddings, I also shoot families throughout the year.  I am located in Charleston, SC and have been here for over 12 years living with my husband and 9 year old son.  I have a small boutique business and love shooting the happiest days for people.

How did you first come across our linen aprons?
I wanted to get back into film photography and knew I needed a place to put my rolls of film for quick access, I think a photographer along the way recommended your brand.  I can't remember, however, I no longer shoot film, but still use my apron! I chose the coal apron because I always wear all black at weddings, so it was easy!

Bride and groom portrait wearing white and black. Bride holding a white bouquet.

How have you incorporated our linen apron into your business or workflow?
It's the first thing I put on when starting a wedding day besides my Holdfast camera straps! I use it to hold my printed-out timeline, a pen, and my cell phone in the right pocket.  In the middle pocket, I put my key fob, lipstick, and lip balm.  In the left pocket, I put anything else such as flash covers or anything that needs to be held temporarily.

Additional tips you would like our readers to know? 
I don't always have my camera bag with me, and not all of my outfits have pockets, so the apron literally is my helper to hold things when I need them quickly!  The apron is a great holder for the groomsmen's cell phones or sunglasses that they forget and I can stash for them while taking the formal shots.

Groom and bride walking on a wooden bridge, looking at each other and holding hands.

If you didn’t know, we’re big fans of organization over here at GATHER 33 and hearing about the details of how Jennings organizes the items in her apron pockets makes our hearts sing. It really is one of the main motivations when we first had the idea of creating our apron for film photographers and creative professionals. Down to what we put in which pocket. Also, lip balm is definitely a necessity! Thank you Jennings for sharing about your business and your impressive organizational skills. We're sure your couples appreciate how efficient and helpful you are on their special days on top of your talent. 

Be sure to check out Jennings' beautiful work on her website at or follow her on Instagram @jenningsking or Facebook @jenningskingphotography

*All photography in this post was provided by Jennings King Photography.
The first two images of Jennings were photographed by
Alyona Photography.

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